Join Us

Our booster club consists of parents, grandparents and community members who want to support the music program in the Owego Apalachin School District. You can be a member and not attend meetings. Filling out the form below will add you to our mailing list.

Here are some of our activities and needs for each event:

  • Craft Fair
    • Event Coordinator
    • Coordinate Vendors
    • Setup Friday Night
    • Concession Coordination
    • Concession Staffing (Saturday)
    • Booster Table (Saturday)
    • Teardown (Saturday)
  • Barnes & Noble Book Fair
    • Wrap gifts at Barnes & Noble table
    • Distribute coupons to encourage people to shop on our book fair day
  • Open Houses (OFA, OAMS, AES, OES)
    • Staff information tables
  • Musical Playbill
    • Solicit playbill ads (mid-November through December)
  • Musical Show Dates
    • Concession Coordination (for 3 shows)
    • Concession Staffing (for 3 shows)
  • Ice Cream Social
    • Coordinate social and staffing
  • Concerts
    • Staff Concessions Table at Concerts

If you would like to join us please fill out our Membership Form.